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We are adding a new addition to our Canada’s Smartest Kitchen community by working with the schools across Prince Edward Island, engaging with the students and their school programs that relate to food security on PEI. Some of the programs and project overviews can include culinary, nutrition, agriculture and health & wellness along with many others.

Prince County Schools

Amherst Cove Consolidated

Grade 7 students have a ten-week rotation in food-based home economics (cooking).  The breakfast program is parent-driven. Takes place each Tuesday morning. Variety of foods.

Contact: Randy Gallant  902.437.8525 / rfgallant@edu.pe.ca

Kinkora Regional High School

A few things we have going on in our school, We have a small outdoor garden – the Agriculture class and students in the Academy Diploma Program in Agriculture and Bioscience volunteer or get a co-op credit for looking after it over the summer. This produces veggies used for our snack program/ cafeteria. We have grown microgreens in the past to be used as well. We offer Foods401 and Culinary 801 – the culinary class provides a meal for our school cafeteria once a week with locally sourced foods when possible.

Contact: Jaime Cole (Principal) 902.887.2424 / jlcole@edu.pe.ca

Queens County Schools

Central Queens School

Students assist with the preparation of foods on special occasions with their teachers or parent volunteers. They also assist in the delivery of the food items. Hunter River After School Program also prepares and serves snacks sometimes with student help after school. The kindergarten classes have grown potatoes in buckets. Grade 3 and 4 classes have grown beans in indoor gardens (with lights).

Contact: Anne Ives 964.7950 / aeives@edu.pe.ca

Stonepark Intermediate School

Some of our students run the morning breakfast program – this would include toasting bagels, preparing smoothies and other items. We have a Foods and Nutrition module as part of our curriculum. Mr. Sandy Stratton who has gone to culinary school is the teacher. We have a Wellness room that includes: weights, spin bikes, thread mills, and other gadgets that both students and teachers use.

Contact: Norman Beck (Principal) 902.368.6085 / nwbeck@gov.pe.ca

Sherwood Elementary School

Agriculture/Environmental: In the past few years, we have created several spaces for vegetable gardens around the school, growing carrots, onions, tomatoes, squash and sweet potatoes. Our “Serenity Garden” – a large shrub and flower garden first created over 25 years ago. Our school also has other programs such as the “Healthy Snack” Program and the Breakfast Program.

Contact: Jean Boudreau 902.368.6780 / jgboudeau@edu.pe.ca

Kings County Schools

Montague Regional High

We have very full FOODS and CUL courses; usually 3 to 4 full FDS classes plus 2 CUL classes. These students learn food safety, nutrition, food preparation, dietary considerations, hygiene around food, food service, plating, ethnic foods (especially in conjunction with our exchange students and/or any newcomers), the importance and implications of buying local. The AGS classes have designed, started and grown herb gardens for CUL classes. Our PED and HAL programs all have strong units on health and wellness with strong ties to food and healthy eating habits.

Contact: Sharon Anderson 902.838.0335 / smanderson@edu.pe.ca

Southern Kings School

We have a recycling program performed by students. Money raised is used for an excursion to the grocery store to purchase food that is taken back to the school and used to teach students techniques in food preparation. It also provides training in working with money and social interaction outside of a school setting.

Contact: John VanDyke 962.7400 / javandyke@edu.pe.ca

Vernon River Consolidated

Culinary (food pre), nutrition (grocery list, food requests), agriculture (school garden), health & wellness (importance of nutrition).

Contact: Linda Roach 902.651.8520 / laroach@edu.pe.ca

For more information you can contact Canada’s Smartest Kitchen or view the emails and phone numbers that are included with each school shown throughout the website.